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Why acquire your Life Insurance with us?

At South Florida Insurance Brokers, we are not an Insurance Company, we are Independent Agents who select Leading Companies to represent them, with professionalism, and ethic values. We have fourteen (14) years of Experience in the Health, Life, Disability, and Long Term Care Insurance Industry. We concentrate our efforts in identifying the client's needs, and matching them to the best Insurance Plans. If you want personalized service come with us. Our agents provide best service to our customers in FLorida, and Virginia.

In order to select such companies, we use different criteria:

  1. Competitive Services
    Companies that can offer the clients and our agents competitive products and services that benefit clients. Such products and services must be easy marketable and sellable. Easy marketable products that benefit the client because provide protection and price sensible quality products. Such products aggressively attract clients with their convenient price and features which in most cases are not offered by other Insurance Companies.
  2. Reputation
    The companies that we represent have several years in business.
  3. Flexibility
    Companies that offer flexible plans, i.e. variety of plans that will adjust in the majority of cases to each client circumstance.
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